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Award Ribbon ID - BETA

This site will allow you to search for awards by ribbon colors.

NOTE: Ignore all metallic devices and frames when searching. We're only searching the ribbon itself.

Step 1: Name
Do you know all or part of the name? Enter it here. It's OK to leave this blank.

Step 2: Symmetry
Is the ribbon symmetrical? (if you rotate it 180o, does it look the same?)
Symmetrical Asymmetrical Search both

Step 3: Color Fields
Can you count how many stripes it has? If it's obvious, enter it below. If it's not, you'll probably want to leave this blank for now. See Help.
Color Fields:

Step 4: Region
Do you know where the ribbon is from? Note that, for instance, US soldiers could wear some foreign awards. If you don't find what you're looking for initially, come back and check more boxes here.
Regions: US Europe Asia Australasia Other

Step 5: Colors
This is the fun part. Enter the first letter of each color in the ribbon, from left to right.
If it's symmetrical, don't enter the duplicates past the middle color.
It doesn't matter which end you start with.
See the key below.
Colors: Example: For a red-blue-red ribbon, enter "rb"; for red-white-blue, enter "rwb";

(this doesn't save Regions yet)
results here

Color Key: use the first letter of the color (primary or secondary, plus black, white and brown) of each line in the ribbon. For a red, pink, and sky-blue ribbon, enter: RRB or rrb (it's not case-sensitive).

Black Yes, the same as Blue. It's OK!
Grey Yes, the same as Green. It's OK!
Brown Yes, the same as Blue and Black. It's OK!
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